Aug 3, 2011

LED Door Puller DIY

When we were planning our new office, inside an deactivated chocolate factory, our architect (Daniela) suggested to make a different door puller for our huge door. She knew we had some experience playing around with polyester resin, so she suggested a cool design and we improved (at least we think so) adding some colorful LEDs. Here we try to explain how it was the whole process so you can replicate and change as much as you want. Feel free to copy or change it!

Before going through some strange pictures this is what you will get at the end – but till the end expect some fun and pain…

Playing with polyester resin is fun and little bit dangerous. You must use protective gear, work in a place with good fresh air flow and have a good water supply near by. Some countries may ask you special permission to transport and buy resin. Brazil is not one of those countries.

Mold: pouring resin into the cast

Alternating between white and black dyied resin. If you decide to make one, choose a good moon phase, you must be in peace and pacient.

Inside the mold we placed a red-green-blue LED strip with the wires escaping through a hollow tube:

Inside the puller we built an aluminium structure, so we used it to fix the LED strip facing the door (back side)

Detail of the door side, note the embedded LED strip inside clear crystal resin.

This is the pattern we choosed, we made 16 layers. TIP: Because the “big” amount of resin used you should use less then 1% catalyst otherwise the mix can get quite hot and crack in some parts

Voilla, This is what we got:

Because we used a RGB LED strip we can mix the channels and combine in a infinite number of colors. You can control the channels with a simple 555 integrated circuit PWM generator – if that is not so simple for you, give a shout and we will come to rescue

If you want to make one, just email us and we will be glad to help. But before, we have some suggestions:

1. We posted a detailed tutorial on how to use Polyester Resin – here. We wrote it when we were doing some drawer pullers with electronic components inside, instead writeing labels in the drawers the puller tell us what’s inside, like this:

2.  comment this post with your question or email us! ;o)

3. We want to see what you did, sens us some pics!

Have fun!



  • looks great! i love those drawer knobs too, great way to reuse old components.

    do you have more pictures of the factory that you purchased? i’m in the big ex-industrial building market too and it would be cool to see what you are doing to spruce it up.

    • Hey gnrl, we are glad that you liked. The drawer knobs we also made it! So it’s not going to be easy to buy it. Why buy if you can make it? ;o)

  • If you cured your resin under pressure – perhaps 30 – 90 PSI or 2 – 6 bar – you would eliminate all of the bubbles without having to thin it.

  • Handle is too massive but idea is very cool. First thing I thought of when seen it possibility to add color codes for room occupy (booth or toilet) or to show time of day with certain color.

  • Cara, faz um que fique verde quando a porta está aberta e vermelho quando está trancada!


  • Hey,

    This is absolutely brilliant work. I have a few questions i’d like to fire your way do you have a email I can grab you on?



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